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The Indian pharmaceutical industry is the largest supplier of cost effective generic medicines in the developing world. With the widest range of medicines available for exports and with the availability of the largest number of approved pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, India is all set to become the leader of pharmaceutical exports to the world.

We deal in all kinds of therapeutic groups and formulations and our products are of high quality and manufactured by WHO/GMP companies in India. Being fastest growing pharmaceutical export company in India Globalstar export worldwide, all ranges of medicines and other pharma products.

Product Range

Anti-Allergy Medication Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Infertility Drugs
Alzheimers Medication Birth Control & Oral Contraceptives Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Amoebiasis Drugs Cardio Vascular Drugs Kidney Disease Drugs
Anthelmintic Drugs Child Care Medical Ointments
Anti Alcohol Drugs Cholesterol Care Drugs Memory Care
Anti Anginal Dietary Supplement Muscle Relaxant
Anti Asthmatic Diuretic Medications Narcolepsy
Anti Cancer Drugs ED Medicine Nausea And Vomiting
Anti Cough Drugs Epilepsy Medicines Osteoporosis- Arthritis
Anti Depressant & Anti Anxiety Drugs Eye Drops Overactive Bladder
Anti Diarrhoels Face Care Products Pain Killers
Anti Fungal Drugs Fertility Rabies Vaccine
Anti Malarial Drugs Foot Care Schizophrenia
Anti Parkinson Drugs Gout Thrombosis
Anti Smoking Drugs Hair-Care Products Ulcerative Colitis
Antibiotics HCG Products Vericose Veins
Antidiabetic - Hypoglycemics Hepatitis Treatment Drugs Weight Loss Products
Antimigraine HIV Aids
Antioxidant Hyperacidity
Antiplatelet Hypertension And High Blood Pressure Drugs
Antispasmodic Hypothyroidism
Antiviral Drugs Immunosuppressants